I remember seeing a fascinated, curious, and a slightly afraid face. I had the best welcome to this world.

I was raised with my mother, grandmother, and aunts. I learned the fearless, strong, and hard working way of living and being present as a woman, surrounded by women.

My work reflects that life, my experiences, what I saw, and mainly the answers to all my questions. It expresses who I am. 

 In my video performances, I use my body and repeated movements to deliver a specific concept. It always involves my body and certain actions I do in front of the camera, while I record myself. By exposing the audience to the same motion over and over again, I help them not only to see, but to truly start observing the idea.  Repetition is one of tools I have found to communicate the way I see this world. I let image repeat and repeat and my body act, hoping to bring the observer closer to my mindset. 

 My most recent series of paintings is an investigation dealing with female empowerment. I explore behavior between colors to express the way I feels about it. I travel through my own color theory, discovering how different colors react when put together. 

By working with a color theory I create different sensations, movements, and vibrations that each individual will feel in their own way. It becomes an optical game where the eye travels through colors, light, and darkness creating their own physical sensation. 

Color is perception. The combination of colors affects the way we see those colors. Some colors can appear lighter or darker than they would by themselves, because of the other colors they are surrounded by. A sharp contrast between two colors can make imagery stand out, but overuse of this can be tiresome to the eye.

This color concept, juxtaposed with forms of the female anatomy, represents the dynamic nature of femininity that I believe in.